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Here are some pictures from our past haunts. Images are thumb nailed for our dial up visitors, please click on any image to see the "bigger" picture.

Also note, several of the images have been adjusted for viewing, they were taken in low light conditions and therefore had to be brightened and contrast adjusted.  The entire maze is filled with chilled fog, regular fog, strobe lights, black lights, and a collection of ghouls and nasties.


In 2004 we dug into the family archives, alright, the crypt, and brought up one of our cousin's.

She would only visit under certain conditions;
- She had a place to stay
- It was lined with fresh earth
- And blood, fresh and warm!

Not a problem, she came for a visit and had a blast!

Coffin donated annually by Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones.


Our resident head ghoul and master haunter.  He has roamed the haunt in one form or another for over 6 years. A terror to behold, he has left many a child (and adult) screaming for their life.  He returns each year to unlock the gates and let loose the ghosts within. After the Haunt he can be found roaming the streets calling out for his victims.

The Dungeon Master, dressed in prison orange, has had the honor of hosting the Haunt from the beginning.  None shall enter without his permission, less the ghosts within devour you!