Ghoulish News and Stuff:

Haunted Plainfield BEST IN SPECIAL EFFECTS 2007! Haunted Plainfield in 2007 was entered in the Plainfield Park District's Halloween Extreme Make Over.  Judging was held  October 20th, 2007 and we took the Special Effects category.  We are very proud of our display and of this achievement, so please come out and see us.  The article on the contest can be viewed here.

Our Beloved Spider Fred has Died! Yes it is true.  Our purple spider from the last 7 years has passed away in 2007. In memory of Fred we have laid him to rest under the coffin you will see in his normal space in the corner of the grave yard where he so loved to sit and watch the kids get scared.  We will miss you Fred.

Haunted Plainfield goes high tech with lights in motion! We added motion to our grave yard in 2007.  Our sound track that plays in our grave yard has been given a added bonus the lights move to certain tracks of the music that is played.  See if you can find the sounds we have chosen for this new and great honor.

Live Web Broadcast of Haunt!  BACK UP!! 10/24/11The Haunt once again this year will be broadcast via the internet. You will be able to click on a link on this main page to watch all our victims get scared. The link will be active from 4:30pm on Halloween until the last victim gets scared. We will have a link icon on our main page.

Haunted Plainfield Makes it into Print! - Although it has been suggested to us in the past, we have never sought the notice of the local press.  We aren't doing this for fame, fortune, and publicity....we are doing this for the pure joy of making you scream!  However, The Herald News contacted us, interviewed us, and did an article on the local home haunts. The article appeared in the October 21, 2005 edition and we think they did a great job. Check it out! 

Haunted Plainfield in Vancouver Washington??? If you have seen the Haunted Plainfield Logo in the great state of Washington, click on the image below to learn why.

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