• Where is the Haunt? - The haunt is on General Drive in Plainfield, Illinois. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!
  • When is the Haunt? The display will be up for folks to come by and see starting Saturday October 29th, 2010.  We call this the "static" phase.  There will be sound and lights and maybe even some fog, depending on the ghouls, things may even go bump. The "Live" Haunting takes places on Halloween Night from 4:30pm until no one else wanders by.   The live haunting at the time of this update will have as many as 2 live ghosts!
  • Who are you??? - We assume this question means, who are we, since you should already know who you are.  We are a couple of brothers (nick named the Haunt Brothers) with a deep (and perhaps odd) love for Halloween. We look forward to it each and every year and begin planning the Haunting months before Halloween.
  • How long have you been doing this? - We have been building haunted houses since we were little kids and turned the crawl space of our parents home into a haunting.  Jeff has been doing this at his house since he first moved to Plainfield in 1996. Michael came on board when he returned from the military in 1999.
  • How much does it cost? - To you our guest??? Nothing.  The haunting is free to those who to dare to enter. We do not charge admission. We do accept donation but do not ask for them.  We have sought support from several of the local hardware stores for contributions to maintain the structure, but when it comes time for them to lend a promised hand, they can be harder to find then our ghosts!!! Otherwise, there is a budget we set aside every year for the purpose of adding new spooks and to keep the current one's happy. 
  • Who are your supporters? - We are glad you asked, they have helped us out, so if you can, why not help them out!
    Friedrich-Jones & Overman-Jones Funeral Home - They step up and lend us a casket every year, nice bunch of people, a little stiff, but all in all they are dead on when it comes to showing us their support.
    Dupage County Coroner - NEW 2005! Funny thing about Haunting and the folks we attract.  The good people over at the County Morgue were just dying to lend us a hand.......a leg........a spare heart...... No, we are just kidding, this year's addition of body bags was donated by these folks!  PLEASE, We appreciate you favoring our supporters, BUT! PLEASE, PLEASE! Do not send them any business!!! 
    URSUSBLUE - Designed the new logo for our web site and helps with prop design.  Thanks Ursus, love the design!
  • Age Appropriate? - For all the concerned parents out there, the haunt is, shall we say, scaleable based on the individuals walking through it at that particular time. If little kids are coming through, the ghosts and ghouls mind their manners and try to behave.  The same goes for older kids and adults, if the ghosts think they can scare you and make you enjoy it, they will!
  • How can I help? - If you are truly interested in lending a hand, please contact us via e-mail.  We can always use more "live" ghouls at the haunting.  If dressing up isn't your style, then there is always the construction and deconstruction of the haunting to be done, and a body is always welcome (warm or cold).  If you want to help in a donation sense, ask us what we need and swing by your local hard ware store, or drop off candy in sealed bags.  All we really ask is that if you like what you see, tell a friend, Word of mouth helps bring the victims to us!

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