September 27, 2016

Hello to all my ghost and goblins! I am sorry to inform everyone, but after many years of running Haunted Plainfield for all to enjoy I have finally had to lay our ghosts to rest for the final time. With my children now grown in and high school, free time to set up and tear down the haunt is no longer available to me. Our family keeps getting busier every year and the ability to dig up our dead and get things ready just slips by way to fast.

I am so grateful to everyone who has come out to see us every year since we started this tradition and we will miss all of you!

Remember if you ever happen to be up in the Vancouver, WA please visit our sister Haunt - Haunted Vancouver. You can find information about them We wish them all the best in scaring everyone out there again this year.

Email us atGhosts ATHauntedPlainfield DOTcom
(Please replace AT and DOT with their respective characters, we had to do this to decrease the amount of spam we have been getting!)

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